"While it is true that a Jedi uses his power only for defense, never for attack, it is equally true that a Jedi must nevertheless prepare with great vigilance, for only the Force knows when you may face your greatest battle."
―Excerpt from Jedi Master Vo'ren Faalo's Book of Practical Lightsaber Technique[src]

The Book of Practical Lightsaber Technique was a book written by Jedi Master Vo'ren Faalo that described his own formal lightsaber training that he developed for his young apprentices. The book contained at least seven volumes. In his book, Faalo detailed a series of cadences in which a Jedi attempted to manipulate small steel bearings atop candles with their lightsabers, as well as a telekinetic technique, which would be later called Faalo's Will.[1] Some masters were known to have used his practice techniques as part of training their own students. One such person was Adalric Cessius Brandl who used Faalo's practice techniques to teach Fable Astin.


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