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This article is about Star Wars books by in-universe chronological order. You may be looking for Star Wars novels by real-world release dates.

Timothy Zahn's novel Heir to the Empire

A list of all Star Wars books. This includes all film novelizations, novels, comics, young readers, reference books, and roleplaying sourcebooks. All books are presented here in in-universe chronological order, as opposed to real-world release dates.


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See also: Timeline of canon books

Pre-Republic eraEdit

c. 25,793 BBY

Old Republic eraEdit

c. 5,000 - 4975 BBY

3,960 BBY

3,954 (Part One) 3,950 (Part Two)

3,653 BBY

3,645 BBY

c. 3,643 BBY

3,640 BBY

3,000 BBY-2,975 BBY

c. 5,000 - 2,975 BBY

1,032 BBY

1,003 BBY-1,000 BBY

1,000 BBY-990 BBY

980 BBY

Rise of the Empire eraEdit

89 BBY and 76 BBY and 44 BBY and 22 BBY

67 BBY - 32 BBY

44 BBY - 40 BBY

39 BBY and 22 BBY

33 BBY

32.5 BBY

32 BBY

29 BBY

28 BBY-22 BBY

27 BBY

22 BBY 22.5 BBY

Clone Wars eraEdit

22 BBY

21.5 BBY

21 BBY

20 BBY

19.5 BBY

19 BBY

Imperial eraEdit

18 BBY

18-11 BBY

10-0 BBY

5-2 BBY


Rebellion eraEdit


0-3 ABY


3.5 ABY


New Republic eraEdit

5.5 ABY

6.5-7.5 ABY



11 ABY

12-13 ABY

14 ABY

16-17 ABY

17 ABY

18 ABY

19 ABY

22 ABY

New Jedi Order eraEdit

24.5 ABY

25-30 ABY

34 ABY

35-36 ABY

Legacy eraEdit

40 ABY

41 ABY

43-44 ABY

45 ABY

Short story collectionsEdit

See also: List of short stories

Comic booksEdit

Young readersEdit

Junior NovelizationsEdit

Mighty Chronicles film adaptationsEdit

Movie StorybooksEdit

Jedi Apprentice seriesEdit

Star Wars Journal series - Episode IEdit

Episode I Adventures booksEdit

Episode I Adventures game booksEdit

Star Wars Junior seriesEdit

Jedi Quest seriesEdit

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny SeriesEdit

Rebel Force seriesEdit

Star Wars Adventures booksEdit

Star Wars Adventures game booksEdit

Boba Fett seriesEdit

The Last of the Jedi seriesEdit

Star Wars Journal seriesEdit

Star Wars Missions seriesEdit

Galaxy of Fear seriesEdit

Jedi Prince seriesEdit

Junior Jedi Knights seriesEdit

Young Jedi Knights seriesEdit

Star Wars Science Adventures booksEdit

Special Edition Golden Look-Look booksEdit

DK ReadersEdit

Jedi ReadersEdit



Coloring/activity booksEdit

Pop-Up booksEdit

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret MissionsEdit

Other Young Reader booksEdit

Art booksEdit

Film art booksEdit

Making-of booksEdit

Reference booksEdit

A Guide to the Star Wars UniverseEdit

Essential GuidesEdit

First GenerationEdit

Second GenerationEdit

Third GenerationEdit

Incredible Cross-SectionsEdit

Inside the Worlds ofEdit

Visual DictionariesEdit

Technical JournalEdit


Star Wars Masterpiece EditionEdit


Roleplaying sourcebooksEdit

West End GamesEdit


Star Wars Adventure JournalEdit

Galaxy GuidesEdit

Thematic supplementsEdit


Wizards of the CoastEdit

Revised EditionEdit

Saga EditionEdit

Canceled booksEdit

The New Jedi OrderEdit

Other booksEdit

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