Booth nine was a holobooth located in a holobooth provider in the Coruscant underworld.


The holobooth contained a contour couch facing a holoprojector. It was large enough to hold as many as four beings, but barely. It had a door separating it from the outside lobby that could be opened with the wave of a hand over a sensor plate.


In 32 BBY, Lorn Pavan and I-5YQ met with Zippa in the booth, as well as Zippa's bodyguard, Bilk, to discuss purchasing a Jedi Holocron from Zippa. Negotiations quickly took a turn to violence when Pavan questioned the authenticity of the Holocron, and Zippa accused Pavan of being a disguised Jedi. Pavan angrily grabbed Zippa's vest, and Bilk began to move toward Pavan to stop him, but I-5YQ shot his finger laser past Bilk's head as a warning. Lorn and Zippa agreed to continue negotiations, and eventually haggled to the price of twelve thousand credits. However, once the sale had been made, Bilk drew a blaster and Zippa, who was angry about Pavan's previous attack, stole back the Holocron, as well as Pavan's remaining credit bills. Zippa then left, giving Bilk orders to kill the pair, but I-5YQ projected an extremely loud screech, disorienting Bilk long enough for the droid to grab the blaster and shoot Bilk, killing him. Pavan and I-5YQ then left the building, leaving Bilk's body behind.