Treis Sinde: "On that Acklay was a Chief Mechanic, a being who had once served under my command, and I killed him. His crimes? Obedience and loyalty."
Tanquar: "No, Master Sinde—if he was on that Acklay his crime was genocide. He helped keep that machine running and that machine's purpose was the death of my people. I shed no tears for him. He was my enemy. He made his choice."
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Bor Alsek was a male Sluissi who served in Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. During the Skirmish on Dac, he was placed aboard the Acklay Battle Fortress, Sea Lion, where he served as Chief Mechanic. During a confrontation with the Mon Calamari Rangers, the docking bay where he was working was attacked by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde. Sinde, who was working alongside the Rangers, destroyed the docking bay, breaching the ship and causing it to flood. Alsek confronted Sinde with his blaster rifle, but he was unable to best the Imperial Knight, who deflected his blaster shot back into his chest, killing him.


Imperial in the Fel EmpireEdit

"You served on the Intrepid during that mission to the Unknown Regions."
―Treis Sinde[src]

Bor Alsek was a male Sluissi who joined the Fel Empire as a mechanic. As an Imperial, he underwent training which taught him to dutifully obey his superiors. By following his training, he eventually found himself promoted to Chief Mechanic. During the reign of the Fel Empire, Alsek was assigned to the Intrepid, an Imperial vessel that was headed for the Unknown Regions. The mission was commanded by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde, and Alsek served under him for their trip into the unknown. It was on this mission that Alsek became acquainted with Sinde, and the Imperial Knight would remember his name even years after the mission when the two had gone their separate ways.[1]

Under Darth Krayt's EmpireEdit

"I sserve the thorne. The moffss sserve the new Emperor. They order thosse below to do the ssame. The order comess. I obey. Sso I wass trained."
―Bor Alsek[src]

At the conclusion of the Sith–Imperial War, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Krayt, staged a coup, overthrowing Emperor Roan Fel. Krayt claimed the throne for himself, and the Council of Moffs supported the change in leadership.[2] As a result, a new Empire was formed. The Fel Empire went into exile, taking with them the Imperial Knights,[3] including Treis Sinde.[4] Bor Alsek was still working as a mechanic at the time, and when orders came down from the Moffs that there was a new Emperor, Alsek obeyed and continued to serve as a mechanic in Krayt's new Empire.[1]


Bor Alsek fires on Treis Sinde.

By 137 ABY, seven years after the coup against former Emperor Fel, Alsek had been assigned to the planet Dac, a water world inhabited by the Mon Calamari.[1] Due to the Mon Calamari's role in aiding the Galactic Alliance Remnant in the Battle of Dac, Emperor Darth Krayt decreed that all the Mon Calamari on the planet were to be exterminated.[4] As the local Mon Calamari fled to the depths of Dac's oceans to escape the Empire, Imperial forces were sent to round up and destroy those Mon Calamari that had escaped. The vessel that Alsek was assigned to, an Acklay Battle Fortress dubbed the Sea Lion, was involved in tracking down Mon Calamari refugees and destroying them.[1]

Confrontation with Treis SindeEdit

Treis Sinde: "I have my duty, Chief. Don't make me kill you."
Bor Alsek: "I alsso have my duty, Masster Ssinde. And you have already killed me."
―Treis Sinde and Bor Alsek[src]

The Sea Lion eventually came into contact with a small colony of Mon Calamari and attacked them. However, they were counterattacked by Mon Calamari Rangers led by Treis Sinde. Sinde was able to breach the Sea Lion where Alsek was working, and the Imperial Knight began to attack the Imperials inside the docking bay. As a shootout erupted in the docking bay, several fuel tanks were hit by blaster fire, and a large explosion ripped through the decks. Sinde was able to protect himself with the Force, but the other Imperials were incinerated by the blast. Bor Alsek was badly injured by the explosion, but he was able to get to a blaster rifle, readying it to attack the Imperial Knight.[1]


Treis Sinde stands over the dead body of Bor Alsek.

Before attacking, Alsek questioned his former superior. The Sluissi questioned why Sinde, an Imperial, was attacking his fellow Imperials. Sinde explained that he was an enemy to all those that served the usurper, Darth Krayt. However, Alsek was not ready to question those that he served under, and he attempted to arrest Sinde, trying to get him to surrender. However, Sinde refused, and he asked the Sluissi to stand aside, claiming that he did not want to kill Alsek. The Sluissi mechanic claimed that his injuries were already too severe and that he was dead already. Alsek fired on Sinde, but the Imperial Knight easily deflected the blaster bolt back into the Sluissi's chest. Alsek was killed by the shot, and his body fell lifeless to the floor of the destroyed docking bay. With all the Imperials dead, Treis Sinde left the ship, joining back up with the Mon Calamari Rangers. The destruction wrought caused the Sea Lion to take on water, and the Imperials retreated.

Sinde felt very guilty about killing Alsek, saying he had killed him for committing the 'crimes' of obeidence and loyalty.

Personality and traitsEdit

"I do not debate right or wrong. I follow my ssuperiorss. That iss my duty. You will ssurrender, Masster Ssinde."
―Bor Alsek[src]

Bor Alsek was a devoted and loyal Imperial. Due to his Imperial training, he had learned to follow orders blindly, and he had a tendency to follow orders from higher up without questioning the reasons behind those orders. This attitude even caused him to take arms against one of his former superiors, Treis Sinde. Alsek's conviction even led to his death, when he attacked Sinde, siding with his immediate superiors and his training. However, his familiarity with a blaster rifle was not enough to back up his beliefs; when he fired on the Imperial Knight, he was immediately killed as the blaster bolt was deflected right back into his chest.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bor Alsek was created by John Ostrander for use in the thirty-second issue of Star Wars: Legacy, the first in the Fight Another Day story arc. The character was illustrated by Omar Francia, and he died in the same issue, ending his role in the Legacy storyline. The character was used to illustrate the conflict between the Fel Empire and the rank and file troops of Darth Krayt's Empire.


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