"These schutta-spawn came to my world—my home—to kill my people for profit!"
―Bordon to Johun Othone[src]

Bordon was a Human male native from Ruusan who was one of the many non-Force-sensitive members to join the Army of Light during the Ruusan Reformation. He joined Padawan Johun Othone and pilot Irtanna aboard the Envoy-class shuttle Star-Wake, on several rescue missions on Ruusan after the detonation of the thought bomb. Bordon had two sons, Tallo and Wend, both of whom also joined him in the rescue effort. His wife had been killed by the Brotherhood of Darkness in the Fourth Battle of Ruusan, making Bordon angry and hateful of anyone allied with the Sith. On one mission, they found Darth Zannah wondering around the planet, and believing her to be a war orphan, Bordon offered her a home with him and his two boys, unaware of her allegiance to the Sith. However, she had been tasked by her master to find a way to Onderon, and she decided to steal the Star Wake. Zannah killed Tallo and disposed of Bordon with two blaster shots to the stomach, before killing the rest of the crew. Bordon's body was later found in the Star Wake by the Jedi Order.



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