Bred for pit fighting, borheks were usually genetically modified creatures measuring two meters in height and their capacity to endure as well as absorb damage made them common in competitions, such as those seen on the Outland Station. This practice was so ancient that no one truly knew where borheks originated from.


Jango Fett fighting a borhek in the Outland Station arena.

They were large insectine creatures covered with a red or yellow carapace possessed of six limbs. Borheks were known to be remarkably strong because of their exoskeleton could deflect blaster bolts. This armor was studded with spikes that would wound the borhek's attackers. The creature's head featured a prominent horn which allowed it to gore its target,making them equally dangerous, charging or evading a target. While the armor and spikes were strong they were also flexible and allowed the beast to curl into a ball and roll on the ground. This was usually done when the beast felt threatened by an attacker. The borhek's mandibles allowed it to clamp onto its victim after biting.

Borheks were known to be temperamental creatures that would easily be goaded into a rampage, this tendency was exploited by those who used them in pit fights. Borheks were often fitted with illegal pain stimulators that induced the beast's rage, provoking them to attack their opponent.



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