Borlorians were a sentient alien race native to the Borloria system.[1] This species' members included Merex, who was swindled out of 10,000 credits at the Helcos table by Jabot and Dereth, with the aid of an Implant communicator that allowed them to cheat.[2]



  1. The Essential Atlas and Galactic Cartography: Official Discussion on the Jedi Council Forums (Literature board; posted by jasonfry on December 11, 2007, 7:59am; accessed February 27, 2013) (backup link) (screenshot) "I wouldn't get your hopes up re alien homeworlds, beyond simple stuff like the Planetnamian species getting a Planetnamia on the map or things Dan and I can account for with a relatively quick reference." Jason Fry, co-author of The Essential Atlas, stated his intention to create homeworlds for numerous species based on context implied from their names. Borloria appears to be one such case.
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