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Biographical information

2 BBY5 ABY[1]

Chronological and political information

Rebellion era[2]


Alliance to Restore the Republic[2]

Borna was a composer who lived during the Imperial Period. A member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the composer's second symphony was a protest directed against the Galactic Empire's administration. The piece was dark and moody.[2] Borna's music was described as immortal and was key in furthering anti-Humanocentric movements.[3]

However, the Empire did not take kindly to such activism, and Borna died while still very young, at some point between 2 BBY and 5 ABY.[2][1]

Imperial Inquisitor Jerec was a fan of Borna's work. Jerec listened to Borna's second symphony while he reflected aboard his flagship in 5 ABY, enjoying it immensely despite the piece's anti-Imperial connections. He expressed remorse that Borna had died so prematurely, but mused that art and politics did not mix well.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Borna was mentioned in a throwaway line in William C. Dietz's Dark Forces: Jedi Knight novella, published in 1998. The character's gender was not established.


Notes and referencesEdit

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