Bornaryn Trading was a company that was co-founded and co-owned by Bornan Thul and his wife, Aryn during the Galactic Civil War. After Bornan's death in 24 ABY, Aryn become sole owner of the corporation, although Bornan's brother Tyko helped her to maintain the conglomerate's operations.

Prior to the Swarm War, Bornaryn Trading purchased a controlling interest in the long-running droid manufacturing corporation of Industrial Automaton, following the release of that company's R9-series astromech droid. During that conflict, the growing company also acquired Xtib, the tibanna-processing company that produced TibannaX, the special isotope that was utilized in Jedi StealthX starfighter engines, which enabled the craft to conceal their ion tails. Among the holdings Bornaryn Trading acquired in their takeover of Industrial Automation was R2-0, the prototype for the highly-successful R2-series of astromech.