Borus Ferthyn was a local homeless man in Gadrin and Hedrett. He was grizzled in appearance, with a thick beard, and one wandering eye. He was considered to be crazy and was usually seen in crowds whenever anything interesting was going on. He thus knew quite a bit of what was going on, though he had lost the ability to discern rumor and lies from the truth, so he believed everything he heard. He knew quite a few conspiracy theories. He was Force-sensitive, but never received any training.[2]

Nobody had heard Borus speak for over a decade, until Darin was kidnapped and a group of people were looking for him. Borus came up to them and told them a number of wild stories, many of them having to do with the Metatheran Cartel. One thing of interest the group gleaned was that he said that there was a hidden base in the jungle west of Gadrin, as that was the direction that the pirates who hit Renna's Transport Service fled after the attack.[2] Borus turned up again several months later. The group of people he had talked to before were working with the Cularin resistance. He saw them enter the Cartel's offices in Gadrin and wandered up to the window to see what they were up to, but eventually wandered away.[3]

During the Clone Wars, the Thaereian military sent Task Force Pest to arrest Force-sensitives on Cularin. They tried to arrest Ferthyn, but a mob gathered an protested against this, so Lieutenant Dalin, the task force's commander, shot him. The people of Gadrin were outraged and Ferthyn's death led to rioting in the city.[1]


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