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"How ya doin'? So you wanna talk with Borvo? Well, that ain't easy. You wanna help us out, then maybe I'll vouch for ya?"
―Borvo's Guard[src]

A guard was a Trandoshan employed by Borvo the Hutt during the Galactic Civil War.


Early careerEdit

When this Trandoshan first began working for Borvo the Hutt, he was trained by Niksel Frangee one of the Hutt's most trusted employees.

Galactic Civil WarEdit

When Dagorel, one of Borvo's thugs was shot, the guard hired a spacer to find him, give him a Medpac and escort him back to the Moenia cantina which acted as the Hutt's base of operations for his business ventures on the planet. Borvo's guard later found out that Dagorell was set up by Frangee, a undercover officer in the Royal Naboo Security Forces and hired the spacer again to murder Frangee.

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