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«I have come to Tatooine to avenge the death of my father. At great expense, I learned he was eliminated by a Glymphid hitman who is also a contestant in tomorrow's Boonta Eve Race. I am Kam Nale, son of Borzu Nale. I'm making this recording in the event I do not survive the Boonta.»
―Kam Nale vows to avenge Borzu[src]

Borzu Nale was a male Fluggrian crime lord, and father of Kam Nale. During or prior to 32 BBY, Nale was assassinated by the Glymphid hit-man Aldar Beedo, who was hired by Nale's rival, Orin Nyell. This caused Kam Nale to endure a long lasting hunt for Beedo which inlcuded the Fluggrian changing his name to "Elan Mak," becoming a Podracer pilot, and eventually reclaim his father's criminal empire. Borzu Nale was eventually avenged during 22 BBY, when a mercenary hired by Kam captured Beedo on the planet of Baroonda.

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