Bossato was a Hutt crime lord and clan leader of the Gorensla kajidic during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


After Oruba the Hutt was killed by the Shadow Collective during the Clone Wars, Bossato claimed his seat on the Hutt Council and took the position of clan leader over Gorensla Kajidic.

Personality and traitsEdit

While Hermaphroditic, Bossato maintained a feminine personality. She was a skilled negotiator and an expert at the logistics of material distribution. She also possessed a calmer demeanor compared to other Hutts. She would overlook small transgressions to a point, but once the cost of failure became too high, she would not hesitate to eliminate the problem. If that problem happened to be another Hutt of the Gorensla clan, she was not above exiling her own kin.