This article is about a Bothan philosophy. You may be looking for the Force, also referred to as "the Way".
"By your own hands you may prevent your own defeat, but the opportunity to defeat your rival is provided by the rival himself."
―Golm Fervse'dra, first ruler of the Stone Clans[src]

The Bothan Way (also called The Way) was the guiding philosophy of the Bothan species. Written by Golm Fervse'dra, the Way outlined how Bothans should act. It stated that individual Bothans should put their own interests above those of their comrades, their family above those of other families, their clan above the other clans, and the Bothan race as a whole above other races. It also stated that anything short of violence was a perfectly acceptable method of gaining power. While revered as the most sacred text by the Bothans, other races considered it the source of everything wrong with the Bothans.