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The Bothan frigate was a warship deployed by the Bothans for use by the Confederation Fleet. It was produced by the Tallaani Shipyards.


Despite an early attempt at maintaining fleets of larger capital ships, like the venerable Bothan Assault Cruiser, the Bothan government opted in the aftermath of the Battle of Gilatter VIII to maintain a larger fleet of small, agile vessels. The result was the Tallani-built Bothan frigate, which was noted for heavier than normal armor plating and a impressive array of weaponry. At least nineteen of the frigates had been delivered to the Bothan military, with more to be purchased. Despite their impressive firepower and armor, the vessels were outmatched by the Galactic Alliance warship Bounty and the frigate Daring. Of the nineteen vessels that engaged the Alliance patrol near Bothawui, twelve were destroyed or crippled by Alliance fire. They were not, however, fully crewed.


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