The Bovark or Borvak clan was a Nimbanese clan, and one of the prime data holders for the Bureau of Ships and Services (or BoSS) several centuries BBY.[1] Captain Mingo Bovark was likely a clan member.[2]

Unfortunately for the Bovarks, they considered bureaucracy to be a competitive endeavor. This competitiveness was in keeping with Nimbanese culture, but the Bovarks combined this with aggressive tendencies which were atypical for Nimbanels. This led to conflict with other BoSS data holders, such as the Nimbanese Krovalis clan.[3]

The Bovarks eventually went too far, actually threatening another BoSS clan with violence. BoSS responded to this crisis by threatening to delete the files for every starship in existence unless the Bovarks were forced to stop their aggression. Faced with the possible shutdown of interstellar trade, a coalition of planetary governments sent a fleet of over one thousand warships to the Nimban system. The Bovarks were forced to back down.[1]

All other Nimbanese clans who were data holders lost their positions after the crisis was over—a severe blow to the Nimbanels. The Krovalis clan re-applied for a share, and succeeded with the support of the Hutts.[3]

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While Cracken's Field Guide spells the clan name Borvak, Galaxy Guide 12 spells the name Bovark. It is possible that the two books actually refer to two different clans.



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