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The Box was an enormous, cubical structure designed by criminal mastermind Moralo Eval. Its interior was capable of shifting into numerous configurations designed to test the skill of bounty hunters.[1] It later inspired the design of the Imperial Academy's testing ground, the Well.[2]


In 20 BBY[3], during the Clone Wars, Confederate leader, Count Dooku held a tournament on Serenno. It was there that Dooku and Moralo Eval invited several bounty hunters; Cad Bane, Bulduga, Derrown, Embo, Jakoli, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disguised as Rako Hardeen), Mantu, Onca, Sinrich, Sixtat, Kiera Swan, and Twazzi. Together, they would see who would survive the tournament. Only five survived the Box, while the rest were killed. The five who survived would work with Bane as part of his group along with Eval. Together, they would attempt to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.[1]

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