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This article is about the bounty hunter competition structure on Serenno. You may be looking for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode in which it was featured.

The Box was an enormous structure constructed by the mastermind criminal Moralo Eval at Dooku's palace on Serenno. It was made to test the skill of bounty hunters, for which purpose Eval and Count Dooku employed it during the Clone Wars.


The Box took the form of a cube with several internal cubical rooms. Each room was outfitted with a given set of puzzle traps, ranging from dioxis to electrified laser blades, ray shielded walls and flamethrowers. There was a total of five levels. The configuration of these rooms could be controlled from a command center located either somewhere within or nearby the structure or from a controller mounted on Moralo Eval's wrist.


Around 21 BBY, bounty hunters Sinrich, Jakoli, Mantu, Onca, Kiera Swan, and Sixtat lost their lives during a competition. The only five survivors would then be the ones who participate in the plot against Chancellor Palpatine.

The Box was later acquired by the Bounty Hunters' Guild and during the reign of the Galactic Empire, new applicants to the Guild were required to survive the Box as part of an initiation test. Boba Fett believed it to later come under the control of the Hutts, who used it as a source of entertainment and torturing enemies[1].



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