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"Bracchia" was the code name of a male Koorivar spy. During the Clone Wars, he worked as a Galactic Republic operative, notably assisting Wilhuff Tarkin in his anti-Shadowfeed operation on Murkhana. At the end of the war, Republic Chancellor Palpatine proclaimed himself Emperor, and the galaxy entered the age of the first Galactic Empire. Bracchia remained in the service of the new government, becoming an intelligence asset for the Imperial Security Bureau.[1]

Five years after the Empire's formation, ISB case officer Stellan tasked Bracchia with investigating a cache located in a disused medcenter on Murkhana. The Koorivar agent found the cache and submitted a preliminary report of his mission, allowing the local Imperial forces to place the cache's location under observation. Later on, he was interrogated by Tarkin, now the first Imperial Grand Moff, and Darth Vader, the Emperor's enforcer. Bracchia answered their questions and played a role in procuring them a replacement starship. Later still, both Bracchia and Stellan were interrogated by the Emperor himself, in an attempt to find conspirators within the Imperial security personnel.[1]



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