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Rynalla wearing the Bracers

The Bracers of Najus were a Sith artifact created by Sith artisan Najus at some point between 2000 BBY to 1006 BBY.

Najus wanted to get revenge in a personal feud against the Jedi Order. Toward that goal, he decided to carve a Sith artifact, an item that would interact with the dark side of the Force, increasing the power of the darksider using it. Its creation, the elaborately-adorned Bracers of Najus, indeed increased the effect of the dark side power of the wielder whenever that power was used against a user of the light side; however, if the target of an attack resorted to the dark side of the Force, the Bracers would benefit the target.

The Bracers of Najus were lost when the Sith starship in which they were crash-landed in the planet Leritor. The Sith crew survived the accident and attempted to rule the native Sauvax species; it is unknown whether they used the Bracers or not. Nevertheless, the Sith crew did not thrive in Leritor and the Bracers were lost in the remains of the ship, partially buried in the local mountain range known as The Bleaks.

In 30 BBY, a Human dark side adept and scholar, Profex Rynalla, discovered a trail to the Bracers leading her to Leritor. She secretly traveled there with an entourage of Klatooinians to recover the Sith treasure. It is unclear whether any other people (including sponsors, partners or rivals) were aware of her quest. In Leritor, Rynalla kidnapped and enslaved several Sauvax and Human settlers to perform the mining. She found the Bracers, but was defeated soon afterward by some people who were investigating the disappearance of her slaves.


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