"But what will the citizens say when we start blasting their neighbor's houses? Won't there be political ramifications?"
―Colonel Ekirk[src]

Colonel Braedic Ekirk was a Human male Imperial officer who served the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.



Colonel Ekirk standing idly by

During 1 ABY, Darth Vader, via an Imperial Admiral, put Ekirk in charge of demolishing abandoned buildings throughout the Empire in order to prevent the Rebellion from using them as safe houses.

He contracted Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions to demolish buildings from orbit using planetary bombardment techniques. He also came up with the idea of the Galactic Vacant Building Demolishing Movement, whose job was to provide the Empire with information as to the locations of abandoned buildings.

He also tasked an Imperial soldier to resolve difficulties he faced with the Aggregate Civil Liberties Organization. Fortunately, the Imperial served Ekirk dutifully, retrieving information on a slicer and executing certain foes within the office building.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ekirk appeared in Move It or Lose It which was a small fictional in-universe introduction to the House Pack-Up operation in Star Wars Galaxies. He also introduced new players in Star Wars Galaxies to the Imperial faction, sending them on a quest to infiltrate the A.C.L.O. Office as part of the so-called "Legacy Quest."


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