"Arm's probably broken. I'll be fine."
―Bragger, to Lhagva[src]

Bragger was a Human male stormtrooper who fought for the Empire of the Hand during the time of the New Republic. In 8 ABY, Bragger participated in an Imperial attack on the planet Quethold, against the combined forces of the alien warlord Nuso Esva and the Quesoth species. During the battle, Bragger accompanied three stormtrooper squads that landed on Quethold and engaged a large number of Quesoth Soldiers inside the Red City. One of the Quesoth struck Bragger with a mace and the stormtrooper fell to the ground, and was subsequently saved by the stormtroopers Lhagva and Shrinks, who fired upon Bragger's attacker. Bragger got back on his feet and suspected that his arm had been broken by the Quesoth's attack.


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