Brall Tavor was a Human male who served as an figurehead of Corellian branch of the Czerka Corporation during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


In 3641 BBY, Brall and members from the Czerka Corporation were present during the Imperial invasion on Corellia. When the organized resistance began using rocket trams to battle against the Empire, Darth Decimus sent an Imperial hero to eliminate the weapon caches in order to seize Czerka's Hull Cracker weapon to use against Corellian Engineering Corporation. When the hero confronted Tavar, Brall was in holoconference with the CEC board members discussing the C-9X droid their companies had co-developed. Confronted, a terrified Brall handed over the Hull Cracker arming codes and begged to be spared but his pleas went unheard and he was executed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Brall Tavar is a character in the 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic video game.

Brall Tavar can either be executed for dark side points or spared for light side points. If the latter option is chosen, Tavar will later sent the player(s) a message, affirming Czerka's allegiance to the Empire.