Bran Isken was a Human male Corellian mechanic who often worked as an outlaw tech during the waning years of the Republic Classic era.


The son of a smuggler and born on a starship, he learned how to repair things at a young age. He met Klis Joo while working on a ship for some Duros. When Joo became the governor of a city, she invited him to come to Almas to work for her. One of the first things he did for her was upgrade Forard's spaceport from a four-ship center to a twenty-ship one.

Bran was often willing to do favors for people, but would call in favors in return. He had many contacts with smugglers and pirates, and still sometimes worked on smuggling vessels on the side while working at Forard. Nirama tried a couple of times to lure Isken to work for his organization, but Isken enjoyed his work and knew it was safer working on Almas.

Personality and traitsEdit

Bran was considered a friendly man, but sometimes suspicious. He was tall and rakish looking, with dark hair and a patchy beard. As he got on in years, he dyed his hair to look younger. He had an obvious cybernetic eye and usually dressed in overalls.