Brandis Turgah was a New Republic technician and Bothan informer onboard the CR90 corvette FarStar.


Turgah was a thief who was also a technician in the New Republic fleet. When he tried to steal from a group of Bothans, he was discovered and captured. Brought before the leader of the Bothans, Borsk Fey'lya, they determined that having an informer in the fleet was too good to pass up. They let him go on the condition that he reported any interesting news or classified data to them.

When the Bothans learned of the New Republic task force bound for Kal'Shebbol, they arranged for him to be assigned to it. They also arranged for his transfer to the FarStar, and instructed Turgah to send reports to a secret listening post on the planet Corjain. Officially a computer and droid specialist, Turgah spent time in the droid workshop assisting Akanseh and Dann Drugah in maintaining the FarStar's droids, and keeping the computers operational. With access to the communications systems restricted, Turgah spent his time collecting information and trying to build a subspace comm array from scavenged parts, or build a message drone out of scrapped droids.

Personality and traitsEdit

Slightly built, Turgah was considered to have a rodent-like face. His role as an informer and spy led him to be secretive at all times. He had a habit of trying to keep his work secret, even when he wasn't doing anything wrong. He kept to himself, and confided in nobody.