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This article is about a street urchin from Coruscant. You may be looking for Ace, an associate of Tirog who was frequently called "Brat.".

Brat was a child living in the slums of Coruscant.


In 27 BBY, Spiz's hoodlums chased Brat with intent to kill for no reason, until they were scared off by a rancor illusion created by Yarael Poof. He might not have been actually named Brat; this might have been just an insult yelled at him by Spiz's hoodlums.

Brat's species had four arms, and an unusual head structure. This appeared to have some form of external artery, as well as a number of yellow-green orbs on both sides.


Brat's head

Brat's unusual physiology.

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