"To the north lies a deep-cut canyon. At the end of it you will find ruins: all that is left of dark Kabus-Dabeh. They are the remannts of an ancient and evil people. You must go there. One of our bravest protectors has placed a skuhm-hid bag of metal coins somewhere in the ruin. You must find this bag and return it here. If you persevere, you will prove your worth. If you do not, we will not regard you as an honorable negotiator."
―Chief Muza clansman[src]

A bravest protector was a member of the Muza species who was revered by his fellows.[1] At some point by 4000 BBY,[2] one of the bravest protectors hid a skuhm-leather bag in the ruins of Kabus-Dabeh. Whoever retrieved the bag, the Muza believed, must be respected.[1]


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