Bravo Base was a Republic military facility located on the arctic world of Rhen Var. During the first month of the Clone Wars, the base fell victim to a large Separatist invasion force, causing Rhen Var to fall to the Confederacy.


Bravo Base was largely fenced in with multiple structures for use by its personnel, including many landing platforms for its complement of gunships and carriers. It was protected by at least one turret. North of the base lay a Republic outpost, and to the northeast an isolated Jedi Sanctuary and filtration plant.[1][2]


"This is Bravo Base to Master Kenobi. According to our scouts, the Separatist army has landed a few klicks away from here. There is no way we can defend against that kind of firepower. We have to evacuate the planet."
―Outpost Commander[src]

Several weeks after the Battle of Geonosis, the base came under heavy Separatist assault as part of their search for the Dark Reaper. While on patrol nearby in the system, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker picked up the invasion force arriving out of hyperspace on their sensors, prompting them to head toward the base and begin an evacuation.[1].[2]

While Kenobi stayed on the ground to assist the commander, Skywalker took to the skies in a Republic gunship, rescuing a number of personnel from the nearby outpost and members of the Jedi Sanctuary, all the while providing cover for a convoy of Republic Troop Transports and evacuation transports. Following the evacuation, the base was destroyed.[1][2]



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