This article is about the New Republic Recon-X flight. You may be looking for the Naboo starfighter group led by Ric Olié.
"They're going to have our heads for losing the commodore."
―Bravo Six to Bravo Flight[src]

Bravo Flight, otherwise known as Ferry Flight, was an escort squadron of at least nine T-65BR X-wing reconnaissance starfighters attached to the New Republic Fifth Battle Group.

They were commanded to escort the fleet shuttle Tampion, which was carrying Commodore Han Solo to the New Republic Fifth Fleet so that he could take command of the battle fleet in the upcoming battles against the Yevetha. In the Battle of the Tampion, the Tampion and her Recon-X escorts were pulled out of hyperspace 91 light years from the Koornacht Cluster by the Yevethan interdiction Dreadnaught Glory of Yevetha because of information coming from a traitorous senator within the highest echelons of the New Republic.

The nine starships were attacked by ion cannons, disabling all of them as the Recon-Xs of Bravo Flight helplessly watched the Yevetha commandeer the Tampion and hold Han Solo hostage, and then jump away towards the Koornacht Cluster.

Later, the Endurance-class fleet carrier Venture, flagship of the New Republic Fifth Fleet Task Force Blackvine, arrived to retrieve the Recon-Xs of Bravo Flight. They were ordered to shut down all systems, and were pulled into the carrier's flight bays by a tractor beam, where they were suspiciously searched. Afterwards, they were debriefed by New Republic Intelligence in a vain attempt to identify the traitor that had betrayed Han Solo to the Yevetha. When they were cleared of wrongdoing by Intelligence, the pilots of Bravo Flight were transferred to the Endurance-class fleet carrier Intrepid, flagship of the New Republic Fifth Fleet, where half of them were assigned to transfer back to Coruscant, although none were assigned to active combat duty. By speaking to Colonel Bowman Gavin, the Fifth Fleet's fighter commander, one of Bravo Flight's pilots, Plat Mallar, managed to escape transfer to Coruscant and served as a shuttle pilot with the Fifth Fleet during combat operations.