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"Well, bravo for Bravo Squad."
Droidbait on the selection of Bravo Squad[src]

Bravo Squad, also referred to as Bravo Unit, was a squad of clone cadets active early during the Clone Wars. They were distinct by the red on their armor, and trained on the planet Kamino to graduate to the Grand Army of the Republic. Bravo Squad was considered to be one of the better squads by Master Chief Bric and the ARC trooper Commander Colt, as they passed the practice examination in record time. Due to this, they were selected to be the first to undergo the final exam, the Citadel Challenge version THX variable 1138. Bravo Squad passed, and when exiting the arena and mocked Domino Squad as they passed them. After Domino Squad's failure, CT-1409 and CT-27555 sought to transfer to Bravo Squad before successfully passing their cadet training and becoming official clone troopers with the rest of their teammates,—CT-4040, CT-00-2010, and CT-782.[1]

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