"Smuggling of unregistered passengers, eh?"
"Uh, well, no, see…"
"The punishment for that is seven years hard labor, you know."
"Seven years hard labor. Interesting to speculate: what would a man give to avoid seven years hard labor?"
"Ummm… how about 1000 Credits Standard?"
"Seven years is a long time."
"A pleasure doing business with you."
―Brawk negotiates a bribe a Rebel[src]

Brawk was an Imperial naval officer who attained the rank of lieutenant and served aboard a customs frigate during the Galactic Civil War. On one occasion, Brawk's vessel stopped an Alliance ship carrying a venerable alien philosopher who had been trapped in cryofreeze aboard the lost science vessel Prana Lexander for nearly five hundred years. After boarding the Alliance vessel, Brawk noted this unregistered passenger and warned the Rebels that the penalty for such an infraction was seven years of hard labor. He quickly hinted to the Rebels that he was amenable to bribery. The Rebels gave him 2500 credits and he reported no violations to his superiors.[1]


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