"How many arms do you see?"
Mace Windu to Kar Vastor[src]

The Brawl at Lorshan Pass was not a Lightsaber duel, but an unarmed fight between two force users. Outside the Korunnai base at the Lorshan Pass, Mace Windu, after tracking down the wayward Jedi Master Depa Billaba engaged the man she had been working with, Kar Vastor, in unarmed combat. Windu decided to face Vastor without his lightsaber, knowing that killing Vastor would inhibit the success of his mission. Windu faced the man, who was younger, bigger, and stronger in a hand-to-hand fight. Although not a trained Jedi, Vastor was a powerful Force user, making him more than a match for Windu in a hand to hand fight.

The two opponents Force leaped towards one another and met in mid air. Both men landed numerous devastating blows while suspended in the air by the Force. A bite to Windu's jugular vein and a blow to Vastor's crotch made them both lose concentration and fall to the ground. Vastor lunged at Windu, but the latter was able to dodge and land a blow to the Vastor's head. When Vastor came at him again, Windu used the Force to push Vastor into a nearby Akk dog. Using Vaapad, Windu gave Vastor eight devastating blows in imperceptible procession. Windu then taunted the other man by asking him how many arms he could see.

Thinking he had the upper hand, Windu let up. However, Vastor took the opportunity to Force-push Windu into a tree and another Akk dog. He then used the Force to manipulate a Gripleaf trailer to grab the Jedi. Windu cut the vine and drove his head into Vastor's middle. Windu then used a piece of the gripleaf to choke Vastor, but Vastor threw Mace over his head and to the ground. Both men were left winded but, Windu landed one last Force-assisted knock-out blow. The punch didn't have the effect Windu had hoped for, and as Vastor got up and grabbed the Jedi's throat, Vastor repeated Windu's earlier taunt.

When Windu regained consciousness, he admitted that Vastor was the "big dog." What Vastor didn't know was that Windu had foreseen defeat. The Jedi had known that if he killed Vastor, he would have then had to face the Akk Guards and their Akk dogs. But by admitting defeat, Windu knew that Vastor's pack mentality would allow a defeated opponent to remain on the fringes of the pack. Thus by staying close to Vastor's group, Windu could more easily talk to Depa Billaba. Windu, however, was quick to point out that he didn't throw the fight—he just picked a fight he knew he couldn't win.

Mace Windu, Depa Billaba, and Kar Vastor soon joined forces against a combined Balawai militia/Separatist attack that started the Battle of Haruun Kal.