Luke Skywalker eating the Braxas special.

"Ah, sweet waitress…one Braxas special…?"

The Braxas special was a food dish on the planet Solay named after the information broker Braxas. It consisted of a bowl of different meat chunks with a live scorpion inside. It was eaten with chopsticks at Braxas' request. In order to test people's nerves, Braxas would serve them the Braxas special. The live scorpion in the dish necessitated a steady hand, otherwise the scorpion would bite the person, resulting in instant death. Around 4 ABY, Braxas was trying to escape Solay as he had gotten a price on his head from the Empire. Hoping to find a suitable pilot to bring him away from Solay, Braxas served the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker the Braxas special. Skywalker successfully used chopsticks to remove a piece of meat from the bowl, resulting in Braxas using Skywalker as his pilot.

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