Braylen Stramm was a male human who served in the Galactic Empire on their Naboo garrison before deserting his post to the Alliance to Restore the Republic. In the Alliance Fleet, Stramm reached the rank of lieutenant and was made deputy wing leader of Blade Squadron, under Wing Commander Adon Fox. He had a secret relationship with cadet Gina Moonsong.[1]

Following the Battle of Endor, Stramm was promoted to commander and became Blade Squadron's leader. He was responsible for planning the squadron's operation during the Battle of Malastare. The other members of Blade Squadron conducted a diversion while Stramm attacked an Imperial shield generator and communications center.[3]

Stramm was promoted again and relieved of flying duties prior to the Battle for Kuat Drive Yards, and was assigned to coordinate the Alliance's starfighter strategy in the assault. When Johan Volk was injured in combat and excused from flying in the X-wing escort section of the squadron, Stramm was substituted in to Volk's slot.[2]

Eventually Stramm rejoined the squadron full-time, flying an X-wing at the Battle of Jakku.[4]

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