This article is about the neimoidian Smuggler who lived during the time of the Cold War. You may be looking for the neimoidian Hap Brehg who served the Trade Federation during the Invasion of Naboo.

Brehg was a male Neimoidian smuggler who lived at the time of the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Brehg was arrested by the Sith Empire for supplying forged documents to the Galactic Republic. He was taken to Korriban where he was held with several prisoners under the control of Jailer Knash. When the unidentified Sith acolyte arrived to meet Knash, Brehg was last one to face the trained acolyte. In spite of all the torture he underwent, Brehg still insisted that he was innocent. He admitted that he did once serve time in a Republic prison for forgery, but insisted that since his release, he had been honest ever since. Brehg begged the acolyte and Knash to let him go, but the warrior believed that he was lying and that he should be tortured even more until a confession came out. It is possible that Brehg was executed for his crime against the Empire.