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Brel Orus was a Human male who lived during the renewed conflict between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


During the Cold War, Brel Orus, a corporate manager, joined the Balmorran resistance with thousands of Balmorrans that planned to defend their planet from the Empire’s brutal conquest for power and slavery. When the other corporate leaders refused to give up their life’s work to the invaders, Orus betrayed the resistance and joined the new Imperial regime. He now oversees the confiscation and storage of Balmorran corporate technologies from the comfort of the Empire’s headquarters in Sobrik. He believes that he is safe from his fellow Balmorrans and feels unnoticed by his Imperial overlords.

In 3642 BBY, the first year of the renewed conflict, Brel and his fellow Sith troopers held Tanno Vik hostage after his betrayal. He later encountered an Unidentified Havoc Squad lieutenant who was here to rescue the Bounty hunter and negotiate peacefully. Brel refused to surrender and order his guards to kill the soldier. After the lieutenant defeated the guards, Brell immediately surrendered and was willing to make a deal by giving credits to the lieutenant and the Republic's heroism. The lieutenant refused his offer and ordered him to leave. Brel thanked the lieutenant and felt that joining the Empire was a big mistake.

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