"In a hundred years, they won't remember me for the Treaty at Bresnan or how I saved Starbright Station."
―Ki Sazen[src]

Bresnan was a planet in the Wellte-ir system of the Mid Rim, in the Trax sector.


During the Cold War the Jedi Ki Sazen participated in the signing of the Treaty at Bresnan. Millennia later, Bresnan was the location of the Umber Banks, site of the Wellte-ir Massacre during the Galactic Civil War, after the Battle of Yavin. Fifteen of twenty-one members of the Rebel Alliance's Scandium Team were lost on the plains of Bresnan, including Nyik, and Tor'ara; Commander Dutra Zeneta, Korgath, Rith Tar'ak, Opit-Wenbruh, Aven Cholus, and Harovan Toth were the six surviving Infiltrators.



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