Bretie Facility was a VenteX Construction Yards Cargo Facility 1 orbiting Nomlis III in the Kurdin system. It was involved as a production center in the TIE Experimental Project.


Once the Rebel Alliance discovered the station, they sent in a commando strike team aboard the Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport Storm Unit to "infiltrate the installation, steal all pertinent data, and then destroy the facility". The attack occurred while the factory was receiving deliveries of sensors and comm arrays from the Xiytiar-class transports Vrexlir and Dandi. Pressure Tanks Nuro and Class-L Cargo Containers Codec were also parked there. Even though it was defended by TIE Bizarros, TIE Warheads and TIE/D Defenders from Shadow Squadron, the factory was eventually totally destroyed.



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