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A scavenger team including Brick and Slag.

Brick was the leader of a scavenger party in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Coruscant during the Imperial Civil War.


Brick had a good deal of scavenging experience, and was fond of the scavenger lifestyle. He was known to try to convince others of its appeal. He amassed an arsenal of battle droids and other assorted tools and tricks to assist in his occupation.[1]

When the Millennium Falcon landed on Coruscant to rescue the crew of the Liberator, Brick's team, including fellow scavenger Slag, descended on the Falcon to strip it of valuable parts. When Han Solo tried to dissuade them, Brick activated a remote to release a pack of neks from his ship. The neks were stopped by Luke Skywalker's use of the Force.[1][2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Brick and Slag were created for the Dark Empire audio drama, and based on their dialogue it can be definitively stated that they are among the scavengers atop the Millennium Falcon in the first issue of the Dark Empire comic series.


Notes and referencesEdit

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