The Brigands were a gang of outlaws headed by Gideon Longspar who raided the moisture farms in and around the town of Garrotine on the planet Beheboth.


The Brigands had captured an ethereal being known as the Tirrith and forced the creature into aiding their criminal venture by imprisoning a portion of it in a vacuum bottle. If the unconfined part of the Tirrith had refused the Brigands' commands, they threatened to kill the captured portion. They had the Tirrith draw itself into the farms' moisture vaporators where it reacted with the condensation chemicals causing the release of a noxious gas which would render any Humans in the area unconscious. Then the Brigands would enter the farms unchallenged, take the stockpiled water, and damage the farms' equipment. Their actions caused a shortage in the local water supply which in turn raised the value of water on the black market where the Brigands would sell their ill-gotten gains for a large profit.

The largest farm on Beheboth belonged to Darial Anglethorn, who also led the opposition against the Brigands. But this opposition was ineffective as they weren't aware of the Tirrith, and had no means to stop it or the outlaws. The Brigands successfully targeted Anglethorn's farm one evening, taking her water as well as kidnapping Darial herself. Rebel Commander Luke Skywalker was present at the farm helping Darial guard her property when the attack occurred, but he was knocked unconscious just as were all or the other guards. When Luke regained his senses, he went to rescue Darial by pursuing the Brigands to their headquarters, but he was quickly captured himself. However, both Anglethorn and Skywalker soon escaped their prison and confronted Longspar where they were able to defeat the warlord and free the Tirrith from its cage. As they attempted to escape the criminals' headquarters, they were cornered by a group of the Brigands. Their only hope of escape was to open fire upon the Brigands' stockpile of stolen water, causing a wave of water to wash the gang off their feet.

With the Tirrith freed, it repaid its rescuers by seeding the clouds of Beheboth, causing it to rain for the first time in many years. This gave the local residents an abundant supply of water and negated the need for them to farm for moisture from the atmosphere.