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Bright Sun was a SoroSuub StarTripper space yacht. In 43.5 ABY, Sith apprentice Vestara Khai used this ship, then named She's a Chancer, to escape from Luke and Ben Skywalker after her duel with Luke on Sinkhole Station. She traveled to Dathomir and sold the yacht to Monarg for credits to send a holocomm message to the Lost Tribe and then traveled into the jungle where she encountered the Nightsisters and Raining Leaves Clan.

After the attack on Bright Sun Hill, Dyon Stadd placed a claim on the vessel and renamed it Bright Sun for the new Dathomiri clan formed from the union of the Broken Columns Clan and the Raining Leaves Clan. Stadd left Dathomir with the Jade Shadow, but both ships were surrounded by the Lost Tribe's fleet led by Sarasu Taalon.


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