Brigta Hejaran was a member of House Mecetti who represented the Hejaran family on Coruscant for several seasons. Unbeknownst to her family and House, while on Coruscant, Lady Hejaran received tutoring by Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Adepts under the direction of Sate Pestage. This training corrupted Brigta’s mind and compelled her to follow the Emperor's will in the form of direction from Pestage.


She was the niece of Galemus Hejaran and a potential benefactor of the will of her cousin Baron Lucian Hejaran. Brigta, however, received nothing from her cousin's will and it directed her to be exiled from the Hejaran Castle and the family moon, Nightsinger's Orb. The majority of the Baron's wealth and his title were bestowed to a remote member of the family. It was subsequently revealed that Lucian had been murdered by Brigta because the Baron had sensed her descent into darkness and association with Palpatine and the New Order. Following the reading of the will she also murdered Lucian's loyal servant Pershon, using her dark side powers, to prevent him from revealing his master's journals. In order to regain her status within the family Brigta manipulated Lucian's brother, Themion Hejaran, into challenging the new Baron to a duel where she used her dark side powers to influence the fight. She was eventually discovered and released her grip on Themion. She was chased and in an attempt to escape fell from the walls of Hejaran Castle.