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"Brin Hesk'l is a treasure hunter, a daring man who has explored everything from the sewers of Coruscant to abandoned Hutt strongholds to lost Sith temples."
Ryk Osentay[src]

Brin Hesk'l was a Human male adventurer and treasure hunter. He was a swarthy man with short, straight black hair. He had a very large chin and a crooked nose.


Hesk'l was secretly writing a book he called his Codex, a sort of journal where he recorded his discoveries and attempted to determine their meaning. He was often very brash and self-absorbed. He claimed to have discovered a secret room in Coruscant's Children's Museum, where important documents were stored.

He once briefly explored Cularin in an effort to study the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of the Cularin system. He revealed his intentions in an interview with Ryk Osentay for the Eye on Cularin program. Hesk'l's research focused on the Darkstaff, and he believed that some sort of powerful light-side artifact must have existed to counteract its powers. He set out to find it, beginning with a trip to the Thaereian system. Two weeks later, his ship was found abandoned, floating in the Cularin comet cloud.