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"Republic Core Base, this is Observation Post W-16. Imperial droids and airspeeders are attacking our position. Enemy force strength unknown, Request immediate assistance! Over!"
―Brin Stiels[src]

Brin Stiels was a male lieutenant with the New Republic after the Battle of Endor.


In 6 ABY, Brin Stiels was stationed at Observation Post W-16, a New Republic outpost on Cadinth. While daydreaming of winning the jackpot in sabacc, the Galactic Empire mounted an attack on the outpost with All Terrain Armored Transports, AP-1-C attack droids, AP-2 attack droids, AP-3 attack droids, and Sniper airspeeders. Stiels contacted the Republic Core Base, requesting verification, as he did not know what the airspeeders were, or what their intent or allegiance was. His communication was cut off when the Imperials opened fire on his turret, effortlessly penetrating its armor.

When the Imperial droids came into range, and began opening fire on the Republic vehicles, Stiels quickly realized that the attacking force was not pirates. As the Imperial droids continued their assault, Stiels tried to contact the Republic Core Base again, but there was no response. He collapsed after trying to make contact and was overwhelmed by the heavy amount of dense smoke in the area.