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Brinaloy N'Vaari was a Devaronian female from the the planet Abregado-rae during the Galactic Civil War. She was the granddaughter of the previous Provincial Governor and as such, grabbed the attention of the current Governor, A'jidre Skrigatov. Despite forwarding a guise of honor, Skrigatov was simply a petty criminal, and had assassinated N'Vaari's grandfather to take power. Five years later, to gain political support, Skrigatov arranged to be wed to N'Vaari.

A local Rodian gangster named Malkoi shared a mutual vendetta with Skrigatov, though, and arranged for N'Vaari to be kidnapped. Malkoi hoped to blackmail Skrigatov out of power and install a puppet governor.

They were both foiled when N'Vaari used her comprehensive training as an actress to impersonate a Twi'lek performer at the Starlight Theater located on Phyrstal Island in the resort city of Le Yer.


Notes and referencesEdit

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  2. At the time of the adventure, sometime prior to 4 ABY (the Battle of Endor), Brinaloy N'Vaari is 26. Therefore, N'Vaari was born in 22 BBY at the latest.

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