"Imperial stormtroopers cannot be bribed or blackmailed. Belgarian officers make up for all of them."
―Belgarian proverb[src]

Brivyl Goss was the Imperial Navy officer in charge of the facility on Belgaroth.


Unlike most Imperial officers, Goss was slovenly and poorly groomed. He was also lazy and given to drink. He was assigned to Belgaroth in 12 BBY because the outpost needed a commanding officer that no one would miss, and not only did Goss fit the profile, it suited him.

Goss rose to his position by performing adequately in his assignments and a great deal of dumb luck. He despised conflict and would usually take whatever course required the least amount of effort. He was also corrupt enough to share what little information and gossip he had about the Empire for a suitable amount of credits.

Two years after he was assigned to Belgaroth, he was ordered to evacuate and destroy the orbital docks behind him, an order which he ignored. He simply fled the system in a commandeered shuttle.