Brixie Ergo, or Miss Brix as she was called by Lex Kempo, was a former medical student and female mercenary with the Red Moons who joined Red Moon with the motivation to free her parents who had been enlisted by the Pentastar Alignment as field surgeons.


Brixie Ergo2

Brixie Ergo

She served as the field medic for Red Moon's mission to Gabredor III in order to save the children of a businessman inside the Alignment who wanted to join the New Republic. At first she didn't understand the traded insults between Kempo, Sully Tigereye and Hugo Cutter until she figured it was just how the old friends worked together, she also believed that Hugo should have been in a psychotrauma ward. While on Gabredor III she killed a large reptoid mount after it threatened to kill her. While they attacked the base of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative, Kempo ran a repulsorcart full of explosives at their command center and tried to jump getting his foot stuck in the process. He was killed in the explosion which greatly affected Brixie.