The Brogune were a sentient species that had four eyes. One member of the species was a concubine for Soergg Vosadii Bezhin the Hutt.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Brogune were a sentient species with four eyes. They were considered attractive by some members of the Hutt species.[1]


The Brogune were present in the galaxy by at least 22 BBY. That year, one Brogune served as a concubine for the Hutt Soergg Vosadii Bezhin. Soergg was a Bossban—a criminal leader—based on the Mid Rim planet Ansion. The Brogune was but one of his many concubines, which included Humans and members of other exotic species. While the Brogune was occasionally able to find amusement in playing bako, it was saddened by its position on the planet.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Brogune were created by Alan Dean Foster for his novel The Approaching Storm, published in 2002 as a lead-in to the release of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. The Brogune was not named and received minimal description. The species received an additional mention in an article on the Hutts published as part of The Official Star Wars Fact File 140



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