Broodica was a female Dark Jedi who—along with several other Jedi renegades[2]—was exiled from the Galactic Republic after the Hundred-Year Darkness. Traversing into the galaxy's Outer Rim, Broodica and her fellow exiles proceeded to conquer the Sith civilization of the planet Korriban, declaring themselves Lords of the Sith and establishing a new empire.[1]

Under the title of Dark Lord, Broodica developed an obsession with the ancient scrolls of the Sith, particularly the power they contained. While setting out to collect such scrolls and tablets, she transferred her findings into a large personal grimoire. Keeping the contents of the grimoire secure, the Dark Lord Broodica sealed the book using a self-designed lock, similar to a holocron gatekeeper.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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