"I hear him! I'm talking! His insubordination is lethal! Paralyzing! It threatens the Empire! And you do nothing!"
―Moff Broysc demonstrates his hatred for Captain Malavai Quinn - and his insanity[src]

Broysc was a Human male who served as Moff during the Great Galactic War, Cold War and Galactic Wars between the Galactic Republic and resurgent Sith Empire.


Early commandEdit

"Scab! Traitor! You, Sith, I commander your ship, your crew. I commandeer you! Mine now."
―Broysc demonstrates an absence of mind[src]

Moff Broysc was Lieutenant Malavai Quinn's commanding officer at the Battle of Druckenwell during the Great Galactic War. Quinn, disobeying Broysc's orders, was able to correct his glaring oversight and achieve an Imperial victory, but Broysc court-martialed Quinn for insubordination and took credit for the victory himself.[2] As a punishment, Broysc got Quinn assigned to Balmorra, where the lieutenant was absorbed into Darth Baras' field of operations.

Descending further into madness over the years, Broysc almost doomed the command of Major Ovech and later began sending regular transmissions to the ship where now-Captain Quinn served - the Fury-class Imperial interceptor belonging to the Sith Lord who would become the Emperor's Wrath. Eventually being put through, Broysc began to rant on the holotransmitter against Quinn. Referring to him as "Admiral Malcontent", believing it to be Quinn's actual rank and name, Broysc began blaming him for events that occurred well before Quinn, or even Broysc himself, were born, such as the Battle of Talay, Broysc's first command, and the Destruction of Taris, which had occurred three centuries earlier. He also accused Quinn of sabotaging the Glory Space Station, which Quinn had no clue what it was.[3]


"You cannot kill me! You are nothing! I am a Moff!"
"Not anymore."
"No! Scabs, all scabs...!
―Broysc is executed by Captain Quinn[src]

With his lord's permission, Quinn began to find ways to bring Broysc's incompetence and madness to the attention of the Imperial High Command, but to no avail; Broysc's political and military connections would not allow him to be removed through the proper channels. Thus, taking matters into his own hands, Quinn abducted Broysc from a pleasure barge where he had been holed up while battle was ongoing, and brought him to the Wrath's ship. Clearly mad, Broysc ordered the Wrath to surrender the vessel and its crew to his command and even kill themselves to everyone present. His patience stretched to breaking point, Quinn requested the Wrath's permission to execute the Moff, and the Sith granted it.

The body of Moff was then disposed of by Quinn, who was relieved that no one would ever have to deal with Broysc's incompetence again.[1]



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